Apple Crumble

I love a crumble, I much prefer it to a fruit pie, I just love the way the crumbly topping turns into the flavour of a buttery shortbread that one can then add fruit and thick clotted cream or custard to as one greedily and happily tucks in. Son no.1 had invited us for Sunday lunch so I thought an apple crumble might be the perfect accompaniment.

Firstly prepare your apples. F7FA8979-8B1D-405E-BAC6-C8AD8117F9CFThen I chop 3/5ths in a chunky fashion and 2/5ths much finer. This allows for the small pieces to pulp down yet provides chunky pieces for added interest and texture. 95AF5456-A49E-46EE-A05C-5AE2B3975CBBMix in soft brown sugar and cinnamon, and place in the cooking pan.2F605A0C-A066-43D3-A031-0DD9E3544002.jpegTop with crumble made from butter, cinnamon, flour, sugar and almonds. Bake at 200c for forty minutes. 9377E5CC-1223-4638-86F3-0F5FFD810377.jpegAnd serve.

Ingredients for the filling

800 grams peeled and decored weight of Bramley apples.

50 grams soft brown sugar

level desertspoon of ground cinnamon

for the crumble

180 grams self raising flour

80 grams of chilled butter, salted is fine.

120 grams of demarara sugar

120 grams of almonds, skin on is fine, whizzed or hand processed to still retain a crunch.

A level desertspoon of ground cinnamon



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