Looking back at Summer.

Summer has been for us a bit of a mixed bag. Hubby had a health scare earlier in the year and it has left its suspicious mark on us. He needs six monthly checks now and I don’t think one can ever really put that to the back of ones mind, especially when he complains about new to him aches and pains.  We have have felt deep joy in other areas of our life and are very grateful for it.

The allotment has done well and diabolically all at the same time! What a dry summer! If it wasn’t for hubby’s tenacity on the watering we would have nothing to gather and enjoy, the triumphs have been amazing. We have never had sweetcorn so sweet and the beetroot has been absolutely delicious. The tomatoes have been the tastiest we have ever had and I long to start on the butternut squashes. The garlic was terrible, we threw the onions away and the shallots are the smallest I have ever seen, just too precious to compost.

Rupert is still gathering strength after his broken leg and we have started training him on his recall, after one near disastrous event on the plot where he hopped over the fence to come looking for me while I was blackberrying at the same time as lots of cars were moving on the allotments. The trouble with training recall on an adult dog, is they have the confidence to ignore you. This requires lots of sausages and a long lead and now Rupert has a sausage breakfast alfresco, one tiny bit at a time – he doesn’t seem to mind.

So we shall gather our fruits off the allotment, be thankful for all good things and look forward to Autumn and the tidying of the allotment and preparations for winter.



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