On the buses.

The other day I was idly thinking about the time that I left home and moved to Coventry. From a small town I think you can imagine that this was very exciting and one thing that really excited me was the constant bustle of buses moving around the city centre. Where did they all go? I wondered.  So every so often I used to walk to Pool Meadow, this was in the days before the internet and I lived in the city centre to buy a bus pass for the week, having worked out that one only had to do just over three return trips to break even and then tootle around as often as I could for the next seven days. I’d often do big shopping trips, things like that but often I’d just sit on the bus until it got to the end and then hop off and catch the next bus back. Or I’d be out with new found friends visiting their friends or family. It was great fun and I found my way around the city – I don’t think I did all of it, but I did quite a lot!

So curiously I decided to have a look at how the balance of trips to cost of a weeks ticket would work out on our local bus companies. Well, it would take six return trips to just tip over the cost of a weeks ticket!  That is a ridiculous number!!!  And, furthermore, on one company there is no ticket that covers from Coventry to Leamington, so I would have to buy two sets of weekly tickets. Coventry to Leamington is covered by another company, but the service for me at least, is not as convenient. Do they not realise that if the break even point was a bit lower it might induce the casual rider to buy a ticket rather than always trying to find change. Next I found that if I wanted to buy a day rider ticket on the internet to Leamington it would cost me £8.80 rather than asking the bus driver for a return which is £4.10  of my hard earned shillings, which is ridiculous and daylight robbery. I wonder if anyone has actually ever bought one, when one can have two returns and still have change.

So I gave up on that idea, but I didn’t give up on the idea of dragging hubby to Coventry. For some reason he is quite happy to use them in London, but not so keen in Warwickshire, maybe the green fields aren’t so interesting!  But reader, drag him I did and actually he had a great day. Of course he didn’t pay at all and what we would have paid for parking and petrol it was cheaper and actually more convenient to do it this way. We alighted in Corporation Street were able to wander around and then found on an app the time of the next bus and the nearest bus stop to where we were when we wished to come home – perfect.

We had a good tootle around the shops when I happened upon their very nice Waterstones…. and confidence renewed picked up a couple of novels and was very lucky to find ‘Together, Our Community Cookbook’  the recipes tell the story of a group of women who came together after the terrible tragedy of the Grenfell Tower in order to cook fresh food for their families and neighbours. Supported by HRH The Duchess of Sussex and all profits going to support the communities. I must say I can’t wait to start cooking from this book, the recipes look absolutely delicious. I think it was this recipe that caught my imagination the most, Beef and Aubergine Casserole,  I drooled when I saw that photograph. This was quickly followed by Iraqi Dolma, those stuffed vine leaves look absolutely divine. And this too is right up my street, Algerian Sweet Lamb.

It truly is a melting pot of delicious family recipes from cultures that are spread all over the world. I hope the contributions from this book bring  joy to those affected, buy it, you’ll love it.




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