Onion Bagels

Whilst hubby and I were in Coventry the other day we stopped for lunch at a bagel shop, I love a freshly cooked bagel and hadn’t seen such a shop since living in London. Although I was shocked to discover that out of the eight or was it nine choices, onion, wasn’t one of them. So of course since that moment it’s all I’ve craved for. And as I’ve never made a bagel, how hard can it be?, I decided to make some.

I did have to add more flour than the recipe asked for, but I think that is always a balance you have to play with when adding a wet ingredient of unknown wetness. After the boiling, which was quite good fun actually.Fresh out of the oven. They were lovely, chewy and oniony, everything one wants an onion bagel to be.

2 thoughts on “Onion Bagels

  1. Jenny Dukeshire says:

    I thought i’d alreadyleft a comment but apparently not! I wonder where it went?
    They look absolutely amazing! Did you use a particular recipe?


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