Chelsea Buns

While making my onion bagels the other day, I decided to try my hand at another yeasty treat I’ve been meaning to make for quite a while, Chelsea buns. I made an enriched dough to Paul Hollywood’s recipe but changed the dried fruit to 5 oz sultanas, 4 oz raisins and 1 oz candied mixed peel. I then followed the rest of the recipe.94D82E7E-7F6D-4DBE-8DAC-673844FAB4F3.jpegSo far so good. Although I think I might need to invest in a slightly bigger tin. E32822B8-64C9-45DF-BC84-DA674C1C6FA7.jpegAfter proving for thirty minutes.BE169632-DE85-43C4-9FFC-34FD20FA12A6.jpegFresh out of the oven. I baked for fifteen minutes, covered them lightly with foil and baked for another ten then removed the foil and let them cook and colour up a little more for about two minutes.Then glazed with a little economy priced marmalade. I prefer it to apricot and then drizzled some icing on.They smelt amazing.And tore beautifully.I think you’ll agree, they were an absolute triumph.

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