One Year No Buy, week 1

1st week completed. It was quite an interesting week. I noticed I definitely have the urge to shop, or just wander around the shops when I want distraction therapy and I don’t consider myself that much of a shopper, but I clearly use it to self soothe.

I’ve already noticed that my favourite Chanel eyeliner in Fervent blue is perilously short, I have others of course, but that one is my favourite colour, it is gorgeous bright blue with a little bit of sparkle in it, which makes my eyes light up. I shall save it for going out, out. I have a plan to put my favourite items that run out in a little box as an aid memoir so as to be able to replace them in 12 months. It will be interesting as to what I do replace and what I decide is no longer deemed vital.

I will of course replace vital items for instance my moisturiser from Lancome contains a sun block and being fair of face and blue eyed, I need that and have nothing else that could do. So that will be replaced when it needs to be, although there is Christmas coming up, so I might ask for some from Santa.

So apart from the mental anguish on finding something else to self soothe, it has all gone really well. I must find some Autumn pursuits, I think chestnut hunting will be on my list to do very soon.

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