At last I’ve sorted out my sewing room (aka spare bedroom) and can get back into it to do a spot of sewing. I’ve been twitching to make a quilt for ages and when I decided to do my no buy year, I came up with the idea that all Christmas presents had to be handmade from stash by me. I am finding the urge to knit and sew again quite strongly, which is pleasing.

I think I can safely show you what I am up to, it is a Christmas present for son no.1 and I am pretty sure that he never reads my blog. He also knows I am making a quilt for him, but just in case there will be other items that won’t be mentioned until after Christmas.

I made 12 squares of a log cabin design from a jelly roll from Moda called Gratitude that I had bought over two years ago. Actually I bought three jelly rolls at the same time as it was my intention to make a superking quilt, which is a good thing I did as when I asked Son no.1 what size he would like he wanted the superking size. So I am doing 36 squares and it will measure approx 6ft 9″ square. There are twenty strips left which will provide plenty for binding. I may have enough wadding, if I patchwork the wadding and I think I may have enough backing… I might have to patchwork that as well. And I have enough thread, so at the moment I am winning on my no spend.

It is coming together quite quickly at the moment as I decided that I would chain piece it, meaning that I am adding the same rectangle to each square and whizzing through it.

I haven’t decided on my layout but you can see how it works with the lights and darks.

The pattern came from Jordan Fabrics, I am really enjoying her tutorials on youtube at the moment.

4 thoughts on “Quilting.

  1. Amanda says:

    I’m currently in day three of sorting the spare room next to my studio. 😄 It’s sometimes a bit daunting! Now have the excuse of having a break to watch the F1 😁


  2. mandycharlie says:

    Ooh long arm, nice! I just looked up the price for this quilt and it would be in the region of £275.00 and an extra £95 to put on the binding. Needless to say I’ll be doing it myself but trying not to damage my shoulder! The last quilt put me out of action for nearly two years!


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