The Tall Man’s Pâté

As we delved further into Midnight Chicken by Ella Risbridger we discovered more delicious treats. We saw this recipe and thought it would be both delicious and easy to make. It has been ages since I have made a pâté and I never buy them. Once you have made a chicken liver pâté at home, you would never buy one, shop bought are just too dreary by comparison, pale and flavourless and full of fat. Home made are robust, full of flavour and substantial. The sort of thing that one could happily munch on for lunch, or dinner, with just some good bread, butter and maybe a little sweet chutney for company.

So I gathered the ingredients a few days ago, fully intending to make this yesterday. But I had a rough day, aches and pains, headache, glands up, sort of thing. So I asked hubby if he would make it, he didn’t seem too keen, he’s not as keen a cook as he was, but because I was a bit poorly he made it for me.

And it was amazing, I staggered down stairs just because of the smell, it drew me to it, like a moth to the flame. A recipe definitely worth living for, as all Ella’s recipes so far have proven to be.

Now I know hubby will have followed the recipe to the letter, the fatty pork he used was from a shoulder, that being what we had at home at the time. But he won’t have deviated in any way, you can be sure of that.

I praised him to the rooftops, and I think he was a little impressed with himself as well.

The following day, I’m still headachy etc, better than I was but something is still grumbling away. Hubby on the other hand is pottering in the kitchen, making another batch of The Tallman’s Pâté, it has certainly caught his imagination.

2 thoughts on “The Tall Man’s Pâté

  1. Noelle says:

    Completely agree with you on Pate. Well done Barry…the way to a woman’s heart, for sure. And just look at that sourdough with loads of holes!!!! As soon as I read this..short click to the library, and it won’t be long maybe before I am reading this. Thanks again for sharing this Mandy.


    • mandycharlie says:

      Oh I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. I’m going to cook Midnight Chicken tomorrow. I have to own up to the sourdough not being mine, hubby had popped to the local supermarket as we had become breadless at home. I know shocking eh! The bread was good though it was everything I wanted it to be and thank goodness we have a sourdough choice these days. The pate was sublime. Enjoy your book.


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