One month, no buy.

Well the first half of the month was definitely more tricky than the second half. It is all about discovery and I have discovered that make up has become even more addictive than I thought it was. There is something that lifts the soul when wandering through a department store looking at all the jewel like offerings as their packages glitter in the light whilst singing in soft enchanting voices, ‘buy me, I am beautiful’.

There was that purchase at the beginning of the month and then and lets be honest, there was a make up palette that came home with me a couple of weeks ago, it was just too beautiful. But it is a learning curve on how best to curb those cravings for pleasure, or at least turn them into something other than a need to purchase pretty make up.

I’ve finished my favourite pot of evening moisturiser, which means I have opened a new brand in my stash. To be honest this one came in a beauty subscription box and is said to cost over £90.00. I’m not feeling the love and over the course of the last two weeks I feel like my skin is drying out slowly. I might start something else and finish it off as a body cream. At least that is the beauty of the subscription boxes, one can try expensive items without spending serious amounts of money. And because of that and in the name of transparency, my no buy year has become more of a reduced buy year, perhaps I should amend the title. I had intended on cancelling all of my beauty subscription boxes, which I actually did, but a few days ago I have just resubscribed to Cohorted, as the value and products are just too good to miss. I think I am deeming this a vital necessity for the good of my mental health and have chosen to embrace my inner spendthrift in this purchase and this purchase alone.

Clothes wise, no problems. I have plenty of jumpers and shoes, I bought new jeans a few months ago and I have recently sorted out my wardrobe so as to better appreciate its often hidden depths. I’m halfway through washing all of my jumpers, which makes one realise just how many one has and have sorted out my pyjama and lingerie draw, so as to better appraise its offerings.

Linens and towels we have plenty, after 30 years of marriage one does tend to accumulate a fair pile.

So the plan is that next month I am going to knuckle down a bit harder and see where that takes me.

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