A socially distanced photograph.

I hadn’t seen Son no.2 since the day before my Mum died three months ago. He’d had to leave as he was moving to a new job and we both felt the wrench knowing as we did how close it was to Mum’s time. He was truly supportive using What’s App even though he too was knackered. A truly sad time for both of us.

My son works in the hospitality sector and we all know that this is a high risk occupation, so with hubby’s and dad’s health, he has kept away. So with the news that the second wave was well and truly on its way we decided to go and see him to deliver a few items that we had for him, knowing that we don’t know when the next time may be.

But there were conditions. There was to be no hugging. No son to hug for me. Masked up, outside and for a short time only. We adhered to all of these and then I had a moment of inspiration and asked for them to stand in a staggered formation and to take their masks off for a moment and smile. This pic makes me more happy than you might ever imagine.

‘My men, three generations’.

2 thoughts on “A socially distanced photograph.

  1. Jenny Dukeshire says:

    My heart breaks for Mandy. I am used to seeing my kids a few times a year and it’s hard but you’ve had more than that and now you don’t. Let’s hope this is over before too much longer.
    Hugs and kisses for you from me xoxoxoxoxo


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