Last of the Tom’s

It became apparent that we had blight in the greenhouse, which of course does tend to happen towards the end of the season, although it has only happened to us twice as we are very careful to use the same watering cans in the greenhouse and different ones on the plot, to try and prevent the spread of blight spores, which to be honest are everywhere. But we had a damp late summer at times so we had been expecting it.

We tried clearing out the odd affected plants, but its like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted, it doesn’t really do any good.

So I stripped the plants and we had a fair few green and red toms left. During the peak of the season we were getting one KG of ripe tomatoes about six times a week for four weeks, so we’ve done quite well out them, our freezers are heaving.

Harvested the last of the cucumbers (breathes sigh of relief!) These were only fed with tomato food and contrary to popular belief they do quite well with that feed, well enough for us anyway. I wouldn’t have wanted any more fruits out of those plants.

Not so many chilli’s this year. Probably because all of the plants had blocked out most of the light. But we got a few, so I’m happy. We do make our greenhouse work hard.

And this is the greenhouse cleared out. The end of a season which is always a moment in time to reflect. Overall it has been a good summer in the greenhouse, I just wish I could have spent a little more time enjoying it all.

So to that end, I’ve cleared out the beds and there are bunches of spring onions in the fridge. And because of the risk of Covid and how we really don’t like going to the shops including supermarkets at the moment, I’ve planted some lettuce, peas, radishes and coriander.

It will be interesting to see how we do. I’m hoping for green salads at Christmas and fresh radish along with pea tops for salads and stir fries and lovely fresh coriander for curries. Well a girl can dream. What will probably happen is we have some very well fed mice!

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