Tidying the plot.

It’s that time of year when all your tidying up needs to be done before the harsh winds of winter. Fortunately with crop rotation it tends to come in stages. We’ve already tidied up where the potatoes have been, we have a lot of long rooted weeds in that section inherited from the previous owner so we intend to redig and riddle again at the end of the season. We are slowly getting on top of it.

This week we are digging over the pumpkin patch and corn on the cob section. We have made a good start and I see it being completed in the next few days.

But what have we here? A digger on the plot next door but one!

This did make me laugh! I don’t think I have ever seen that before. They have just taken over the plot which has been left in a very poor state for several years by the previous owner. Well at least they have got rid of the shrubs and weeds, I hope they haven’t chopped up the root systems too finely!

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