Pic of the week.

I thought I would start to share my photo of the week on a Friday. There are no special rules, it may be taken with a mobile or a ‘proper’ camera. I’ll try to explain why I love it, if it inspires me, or creates emotion in me. It may not even be from that particular week! It may come from a place that is vibrating within me just at that moment, but the pic may be from long ago.

Sunflowers nearly ready for winter.

Planted and nurtured for the small birds to enjoy throughout the winter. A couple of heads have been taken to my Dad’s and he has placed them so that he may enjoy the birds finding the seeds during the winter from the comfort of his armchair in the living room. I always feel a little meloncholy as the summer growing season changes to autumn and then winter. I think it is the sadness of seeing all the vibrant verdant growth shrivelling up and turning brown. But within that I am pleased that the sparrows will find these seeds and they will nourish them through the short dark days of winter. Or the mice will find them and then terrorise my greenhouse where I hold no such compassions, it then becomes me verses the mice. Whatever way, it is natures way and for that I love this pic. Taken with an old iPhone on portrait mode, so a shallow depth of field, slightly spruced up in photos.

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